Active Transformation Fitness

Two mothers that came together as like minded women with the desire to transform their lives and reach their goals , creating and committing to inspire and transform the lives of others. 

ATF or Active Transformation Fitness, is all about creating an awesome positive atmosphere and sense of community with like minded people coming together to transform their lives, although goals may differ the intentions are the same, ACTIVELY TRANSFORMING your life, body and health.

We have taken proven Pilates principles together with bootcamp PT and group fitness exercises to intelligently create our unique  effective fitness classes and programs. Being ambitious about your fitness and life style changes physically and mentally is powerful and we are here to encourage you and guide you through your trasformative journey especially when the going gets tough, as we know you have to get out of comfort zone and become comfortable in your journey for change to take place.

 Our classes and programs (fitness/nutrition) are created to transform your body working back-to-back muscle groups through dynamic movements, isometrics, resistance, body weight and cardio. You will not only rev up your internal fat-burning engine, but you also release endorphins, dopamine and serotonin improving your mood and sense of well-being, As well as our nutritional programmes being tailored to you and to your specific journey and state of health etc. 

Why do it alone when we can do it together! ACTIVELY TRANSFORM your life and LIVE!


Team Members & Specialists

Sarah Rietveld


Level III + 


My name is Sarah, I am from Vancouver, Canada and have lived in the UK for 12 years.

I have been qualified fitness instructor Since 2009 as well as having extra qualifications in group fitness; Body Pump; body conditioning and pre and post natal fitness.   I worked in the Wentworth Tennis and Health gym for 4 years before taking a challenging position for a prestigious family in Virginia Water. I am incredibly passionate about training, making an influence and inspiring clients to take charge of their life, fitness and goals. 

I played varsity soccer at UBC in Vancouver and I played for Fulham here in the UK.

I have 2 beautiful boys aged 2 years and 5 years.... they keep me on my toes!

Sasá Lemos





My name is Sasá ''sasha'', I am from South Africa, I have lived in the Uk for 6 years before that Portugal and the USA.

I have been a qualified mat Pilates teacher since 2012 (taught 1-2-1's in Portugal) and a qualified  Pilates Reformer; Bench; Wunda chair; Cadillac and HITT Pilates and Barre since 2015 (taught at POWMAK Pilates in Windsor ).

I understand and have had to teach all levels of clients as well as clients with sport injuries and special conditions as well as athletic performance.

I have a vast understanding of nutrition and supplementation, nutritious cooking and life style coaching. Guiding clients with personalised nutrition plans and natural lifestyle coaching.

I have a dance and performing arts background. Competing for Western Provence colours for dance; competing and singing at Disney Epcot, as well as various theatre productions and tv auditions.

I have two beautiful girls one in 2017 & the other in 2019 they are light of my life.


Transform Your Life & LIVE


Our Address:

Surrey UK; San Diego & Dallas USA. We are online based but, Classes; Consultations & programs run from different locations.


Sasá > +44 7702 669174

Sarah > +1 (760) 492-0422

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